Active Officers

Brianna Rivera


Ryan Mulata

Vice President

Andew Nguyen


Jose Salinas


Chi Pi Sigma is the coeducational professional criminal justice fraternity at the acclaimed San Jose State University in beautiful San Jose, California. 

Student members are individuals, of varying majors, with career goals in the criminal justice system such as law enforcement, probation, corrections, security, and law. The primary objectives of the Fraternity are to assist members with occupational preparation, career selection, career acquisition and to provide a fertile environment for academic study. Chi Pi Sigma also supports and promotes the Department of Justice Studies, strives to improve the campus environment, and makes positive contributions to the local community. 

The purpose of this Fraternity shall be to develop a common bond of brotherhood, and to further our educational, professional and social growth.

The Chi Pi Sigma Fraternity house, located directly across the street from San Jose State University campus, is operated solely for the benefit of the students. This house, which is owned and maintained by the non-profit Chi Pi Sigma Alumni Association, provides the setting for study, occupational learning, social events, and affordable housing. Please contact us to arrange a visit!