Chi Pi Sigma

About Chi Pi Sigma!

Located at the prestigious San Jose State University, nestled in the vibrant heart of San Jose, California, Chi Pi Sigma stands as a unique coeducational professional fraternity dedicated to the realm of criminal justice.

Our fraternity is a melting pot of ambitious students from various academic backgrounds, all united by a common passion for pursuing careers within the criminal justice system. This includes fields such as law enforcement, probation, corrections, security, and law.

At the core of Chi Pi Sigma’s mission is the commitment to provide comprehensive support to our members. We focus on guiding them through the crucial stages of occupational preparation, career decision-making, and the pursuit of job opportunities. Our fraternity is not just about career development; it’s a hub for scholarly engagement, offering a conducive atmosphere for academic excellence.

Beyond our internal community, Chi Pi Sigma takes pride in actively supporting the Department of Justice Studies. We’re dedicated to enhancing the campus life at San Jose State University and extending our impact to the local community through various initiatives and contributions.

Discover more about our fraternity and how we make a difference both on campus and beyond!