Chi Pi Sigma Fraternity

~Est 1935~

Welcome to Chi Pi Sigma!

Chi Pi Sigma is the coeducational professional criminal justice fraternity at the acclaimed San Jose State University in beautiful San Jose, California.

Student members are individuals, of varying majors, with career goals in the criminal justice system such as law enforcement, probation, corrections, security, and law. The primary objectives of the Fraternity are to assist members with occupational
preparation, career selection, career acquisition and to provide a fertile environment for academic study. Chi Pi Sigma also supports and promotes the Department of Justice Studies, strives to improve the campus environment, and makes positive
contributions to the local community. Learn more about us!

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Our Alumni Are Police Officers Special Agents NSA Professors Military Probation Officers IRS Agents Secret Service  Bodyguards Bounty Hunters FBI Lawyers ATF Professors

ΧΠΣ Criminal Justice Alumni Careers

Special Agent


Private Security/Intelligence

Local/State Law Enforcement


DA Investigator


I want to welcome you to the new Chi Pi Sigma Fraternity website. The public section is primarily for the use of the active Fraternity members to help them recruit new members and make available their calendar of events. The Alumni section is only available to active alumni with good standing. We welcome comments and suggestions on other topics to be included and on ways to improve our website.

Steve  Rickeard

Alumni President