Chi Pi Sigma

About Chi Pi Sigma!

Chi Pi Sigma is the coeducational professional criminal justice fraternity at the acclaimed San Jose State University in beautiful San Jose, California.

Student members are individuals, of varying majors, with career goals in the criminal justice system such as law enforcement, probation, corrections, security, and law. The primary objectives of the Fraternity are to assist members with occupational preparation, career selection, career acquisition and to provide a fertile environment for academic study. Chi Pi Sigma also supports and promotes the Department of Justice Studies, strives to improve the campus environment, and makes positive contributions to the local community. Learn more about us!

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At Chi Pi Sigma, we proudly open our doors to all San Jose State University students, both men and women, who are passionate about a future in the criminal justice field. Whether your interest lies in law enforcement, legal professions, corrections, or any other area within this dynamic sector, our fraternity offers a supportive and resourceful community. Here, you’ll find guidance, networking opportunities, and a shared commitment to success in the criminal justice arena post-college. We welcome you to become a part of our diverse and inclusive family at Chi Pi Sigma, where your career aspirations can take flight.