The Seven Points of the Law Enforcement Star

The Seven Points of the Law Enforcement Star
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Truth is a divine attribute and foundation of every virtue. To be good and true is the first lesson we are taught in this Fraternity; on this theme we contemplate, and by its dictates endeavor to regulate our conduct. Hence, while influenced by this principle, hypocrisy and deceit are unknown among us. Sincerity and plain dealing distinguish us, and with heart and tongue we join in promoting each other’s welfare and rejoicing in each other’s prosperity.


Justice is that standard or boundary of right which enables us to render unto every man his just due without distinction or discrimination. This virtue is not only consistent with divine and human laws, but it is the very cement and support of civil society. As justice in a great measure constitutes a good man or woman, so it should invariably be the practice of every law enforcement officer never to deviate from the minutest principle thereof.


Fortitude is that noble and steady purpose of the mind whereby we are enabled to undergo any pain, or peril of danger when deemed expedient. This virtue is equally distant from rashness and cowardice, and like the former virtue, should be deeply impressed upon the mind of every Brother of this Fraternity; as a safeguard, or security against any illegal attempts that might be made, by force or otherwise, to extort or gain sympathy or leniency from him. Fortitude is needed to keep secrets which have been solemnly entrusted to him. Needless to say, it is this virtue that will prohibit you from divulging any and all of the Fraternity secrets.


Temperance is that restraint upon the affections which renders the body strong but governable, and the mind free from the allurement of vice. This virtue should be the constant practice of every Fraternity Brother. He is thereby taught to avoid excess or the contracting of any licentious or vicious habits, the indulgence in which might lead him to disclose some of the valuable information which has been entrusted to him, consequently subjecting him to the contempt of all Fraternity Brothers.

The Greeks had a philosophy of moderation in everything and from them we can learn the lesson of Temperance.

If you let Temperance support you in all your endeavors, your character will be such as is becoming to a good Fraternity Brother.


Brotherhood is that quality that pertains not only to your Fraternity Brothers, but also to the members of any profession which you come in contact with in the future. This attribute must be attained to insure a feeling of trust and confidence among our Fraternity Brothers.


This virtue should be a characteristic of every Brother in this Fraternity, not only for the government of his conduct while in the Fraternity, but throughout his life.He should be particularly careful, in all strange and mixed companies, never to divulge the secrets of our future profession. Knowledge gained both here, in the Justice Studies Department, and when in pursuit of your actual duty should be strictly confidential, so that our techniques, methods and approaches may never be used against us.


By the exercise of tolerance we are taught to regard the whole human species as one family; the high and the low, the rich and the poor, the black and the white - who, as created by the Almighty Parent, are inhabitants of the same planet, and should aid, support and protect each other. On this principle we, are to exist among those who might have otherwise remained at a perpetual distance. By the same token, Fraternity Brothers should aid, cooperate with, assist and protect their fellow Brothers.