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Chi Pi Sigma Fraternity - Membership

Who are the Brothers of Chi Pi Sigma?

They are criminal justice students, male and female, seeking to advance themselves professionally, academically and socially. They may well also be the next leaders in the field!

CPS Family

Since 1935 Chi Pi Sigma Fraternity has acquired a reputation for excellence. We are proud to have in our ranks hundreds of individuals renowned for their competency, ethics, field skills and professional accomplishments. Our Alumni are, or have been, employed in municipal, federal and international law enforcement, probation, corrections, private security and law. Among these distinguished professionals are several municipal police chiefs, police officers of rank, lawyers, probation officers, and many federal agents.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Through participation in various professional and social activities members gain skills, knowledge and maturity. Interaction with our Alumni and other justice professionals provide members with invaluable information and insight into the field as well as furnishing employment opportunities. And, along the way, the Fraternity also propagates those vital lifelong personal and professional relationships. In addition to this, Fraternity members enjoy the facilities of their own house to study, socialize and to affordably live.

CPS Graduates 2011

Qualifications for membership

Chi Pi Sigma Fraternity is currently seeking qualified applicants to carry on our proud tradition. Applicants must meet all of the following requirements:

(a) Full-time undergraduate student of San Jose State University pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice Administration or a student of any major whose career goal is a position in the criminal justice field. Incoming & transfer students are encouraged to apply before actual attendance.
(b) Be of good ethical and moral character. No criminal convictions or drug use.
(c) 2.0 minimum grade point average.
Full Name
Permanent Address
Home phone #
Date & place of birth
Career Goal
Expected date of graduation
Current GPA
Previous school name
Instructor who is familiar with you
Background Questions
Have you used any other names? Name Used
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
Crimes & dates of occurrence
Do you use illegal drugs?
What organizations do you belong to?
Applicant Certification
I hereby certify that all answers given in this application are true, correct and complete. I understand that any misstatement of fact or omission will be grounds for disqualification and revocation of membership. I also authorize employers, schools and persons to give any information regarding my qualifications and character. I hereby release said employers, schools, and persons any liability for releasing information about me.





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